DePaul's Department of Management provides students with skills in analysis, synthesis and conceptual ability, which are necessary for careers in today's contemporary global organizations.

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Why Study Management?

A management education provides relevant skills that will help you be successful in a variety of industries — financial services, consumer products, education, health care, public relations, utilities, retail, manufacturing and others. The management curriculum provides a broad foundation in skills important to managers, such as accounting, computer information systems, economics, ethics, finance, law, marketing, speech and written communications.

Why study at DePaul?

  • Highest ranked undergraduate business program in Chicago in Bloomberg Businessweek's rankings (2014).
  • The Princeton Review ranked DePaul's undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship programs among the country's 25 best for entrepreneurship education (2016).
  • U.S. News & World Report ranked DePaul overall among the nation's top 10 universities for internships (2012).

Combined Degrees

Save time and tuition dollars by earning combined bachelor's and master's degrees. The following combined degrees are available to all DePaul undergraduate students regardless of their college of study or major:
  • DePaul Undergraduate Degree / MS in Entrepreneurship
  • DePaul Undergraduate Degree / MS in Human Resources
  • DePaul Undergraduate Degree / MS in Management
  • DePaul Undergraduate Degree / MS in Sustainable Management

Learn more about combined degrees. 


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