Driehaus @ DePaul

Investing in Futures

Save time and tuition dollar​s by earning a combined BS and MS degree. 

Driehaus @ DePaul

Nationally Ranked Entrepreneur Programs

Princeton Review ranks DePaul undergad and graduate entrepreneurship programs top 25.


Driehaus @ DePaul

Real-World Education, World-Class City

At DePaul, Chicago is your classroom.​


Driehaus @ DePaul

Committed to Excellence, Connected to Business

Academic excellence that extends beyond the classroom.


College News​


Hospitality Grant

The Marriott Foundation gives 
DePaul's Hospitality School $1.8 million to develop industry leaders.


Sporting Success 

Career success is a major selling point for DePaul business programs that
partner students with local sports teams.
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Dream Big

Coca-Cola CFO urges graduates to visualize and share their dreams for success. 
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SpotlightEconomics Chair Named

Anthony Krautmann has been teaching economics at DePaul for more than 30 years. Now this expert in sports economics is stepping up to the plate as the business school’s new Chair of Economics. Find out about his plans and why it’s a good time to study economics.​

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