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Driehaus @ DePaul

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Driehaus @ DePaul

Driehaus College of Business

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Driehaus @ DePaul

Nationally Ranked Programs

Founded by Coleman Entrepreneurship Chair Harold Welsch, DePaul's entrepreneurship program is ranked among the top 25 in the nation. 


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Sales Force​

DePaul’s Center for Sales Leadership Center asks businesses to bring their expertise to the curriculum to help students succeed. ​   

Charitable Management

​​​Class initiative allows MBA students to learn project managment and help a local nonprofit. 

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New Center Leader

Thomas Edwalds brings extensive actuarial industry experience to new role at the Arditti Center for Risk Management.​ 
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Tops in Teaching and Research

Molly Mercer earns accolades for her energizing lectures and enlightening research. Find out how this accountancy professor is making a difference in the clas​sroom and on the published page.

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