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Wicklander Chair Daryl Koehn comments on corporate apologies in Listed magazine article.


by Jason Haber for Entrepreneur.com – April 28, 2016

Two new corporate designations should help you if you decide to become a social entrepreneur: Certified B Corps and benefit corporations. Both are designed to galvanize social entrepreneurship community and further its goals.

The concept of a B corporation was developed in 2006 [read more...]


Social Purpose vs. Benefit Corporations: Small Distinction, Big Difference​

by Brad Edmondson for triplepundit.com – Tuesday, Mar 1st, 2016

Corporate lawyers often react negatively to benefit corporations. “I thought the idea was kooky at the first meeting,” says William Clark, a partner at Philadelphia law firm Drinker Biddle & Reath. “The law is impractical and unworkable,” says Michael Hutchings, a partner at DLA Piper in Seattle.

Clark’s first meeting happened in late 2008. His client was Jay Coen Gilbert, the co-founder of B Lab, who hired him to write model legislation for an entirely new kind of corporate form — a benefit corporation, which requires directors to pursue a social mission and minimize their environmental impact while also making a profit.

Gilbert believed in a philosophy of business known as [read more...]



DePaul Business Ethics Symposium & Case Competition

October 7 ,  Loop Campus 12:30-5:30PM

DECA Case Study Competition Banner-01.png
The event will include a business ethics workshop, case competition and awards ceremony.

Event Details
•  Team competition (2 DePaul students)
•  Teams will present their solution to business professionals
•  Attendees will receive a workshop lecture covering key business ethics concepts
•  Teams will receive a case to solve in 30 minutes
•  Teams have 12 minutes to present the case and answer judge's questions 
•  The top team in each level will receive an award 
•  This event will be a significant benefit to your resume and business knowledge
•   Limited to first 100 students who register

Register now at Eventbrite.com​.



The Ethics of Bitcoin

November 2 at 4:00-5:00PM

Union League Club of Chicago - 65 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604​

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Event Description

Bitcoins are a new, computer-generated digital currency. This currency functions independently of institutions such as central banks and, therefore, authorities tend to mistrust it. Powerful computers create bitcoins in a process called “mining,” which is comprehensible to the digital cognoscenti but not to the general public.

What are the implications of digital currencies for the global economy? What are the ethical concerns concerning the development and use of bitcoins? To answer these and other questions, on November 2 the Union League Club of Chicago and DePaul University’s Institute for Business and Professional Ethics present a forum with global finance expert Dr. Kara Tan Bhala, President and Founder of the Seven Pillars Institute for Global Finance and Ethics.

A lecturer at the University of Kansas, Dr. Tan Bhala has extensive experience in global finance. From 1992-2001, she was a Managing Director of Merrill Lynch and the Senior Portfolio Manager of the Merrill Lynch Dragon Fund and Emerging Tigers Fund. Before running these funds, Dr. Tan Bhala was a portfolio manager with Fiduciary Trust International, where she ran the Far East equity portion of the United Nations Pension Fund. Her Seven Pillars Institute highlights and analyzes issues of moral philosophy in global financial markets with a view to enhancing ethical practice and policy.

Our forum begins with a reception and registration at 4:30 p.m., followed by the presentation at 5:00 and adjournment at 6:30. Complimentary refreshments will be provided. While this event is presented on a complimentary basis, advance registration is requested. Please note: the Union League Club of Chicago maintains a “business casual” dress code – i.e., no jeans/denim. For more information on the November 2 forum, please contact the ULCC Public Affairs office at (312) 435-5946.

Register now at Eventbrite.com​



CEO Apologies: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly​

May 26 AT 7:30 AM

Union League Club of Chicago - 65 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604

CEO Apologies Eventbrite Web.png 

Sometimes, being a CEO means having to say you're sorry. We've seen an explosion of corporate apologies over the last fifteen years -- from the CEOs of Volkswagen, Apple, Microsoft, General Motors, and many others.

The press and public routinely evaluate these apologies, dismissing some mea culpas as shams or even offensive, doing more harm than good. What, though, qualifies as an ethically sound apology? What makes a CEO apology resonate with its intended audience? And does the stock market care whether an apology is ethically sound?

Join us as Dr. Daryl Koehn, Managing Director at DePaul University's Institute for Business and Professional Ethics, addresses these important questions through the lens of cutting edge, qualitative and quantitative research into corporate apologies. A professor of philosophy who previously worked as a consultant and senior product manager at First National Bank of Chicago, Dr. Koehn has an extensive background in this area, having published numerous scholarly works on ethics and corporate governance.

Our forum opens with registration at 7:30 a.m., followed by breakfast service and the program at 8:00 and adjournment by 9:30; the cost is $25 per person (plus EventBrite processing fee).  Please note: the Union League Club of Chicago maintains a “business casual” dress code – i.e., no jeans/denim. For more information, please call the Union League Club of Chicago's Public Affairs office at (312) 435-5946.​




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