Dr. Terri Lonier, Executive Director, Coleman Entrepreneurship Center and Clinical Professor of Management

Dr. Lonier is recognized as one of the country's leading experts on microbusinesses, and is the author of five books, numerous articles, and three audio programs. Prior to joining DePaul she led the strategy consulting firm, Working Solo Inc., and served as an advisor to Fortune 100 and high-tech firms such as Apple, Microsoft, Toshiba, H-P, Bank of America, and Visa USA. She received her PhD from New York University in Business History. Her research builds on her training in art and design (BFA, MFA), her deep experience with digital technology, and her interest in the impact of visual culture on business management and strategy. Dr. Lonier was appointed the Executive Director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center in late 2012.

​​Molly Haigh, Assistant to the Director, Coleman Entrepreneurship Center

Dr. Harold P. Welsch (MBA ’68, COM ’66), Founder and Coleman Chair in Entrepreneurship

Dr. Welsch has been active in entrepreneurship development for more than two decades as an educator, consultant, researcher, entrepreneur, author and editor. He is well known for his research into the privatization of centrally planned economies, entrepreneurship career paths, strategic planning, ethnic entrepreneurship, and problems encountered by small businesses. Dr. Welsch has held the Coleman Chair in Entrepreneurship at DePaul since 1989.​​​​​​​​​​